EMAF – Agroindustrial Company of Dehydration of Fruit Ltd. is a market leader in the food freeze-drying segment. This success is due to the process used in the production, called Dehydration under High Vacuum (lyophilization), the same process used by companies specialized in developing food for astronauts when they’re in their special missions. With its own know-how, EMAF was able to develop an accessible industrial line, offering to the market an efficient solution, capable of lyophilizing practically any kind of food at a low cost and in a competitive way.

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Our story began when Carlos Napravnik realized that the fruits could be used even when they were dehydrated. In the market since 1996, EMAF – Empresa Agroindustrial de Desidratação de Frutas Ltda – is a leader in the food dehydration segment. We are always concerned about the final result of our products and the well-being of our customers, which is why we are the market leader. During these years, we pride ourselves on quality and, as a result, we are successful in sales.
The EMAF factory, located in the city of Caucaia/CE, supplies the entire national market and offers sixty direct jobs, contributing to the economic development of the region of the mountains of Ibiapaba and Baturité. Its own products (CROCK FRUIT line) can be found in large supermarket chains and natural food stores. Its bulk production provides raw materials for the production of various types of products, such as cereal bars, instant noodles, frozen dishes, etc. However, most of this production is destined for the international market, mainly for Germany, Japan, France and the United States.

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Dehydration used by EMAF, lyophilization, is the most modern method of removing water from food. The process is done cold, preserving the nutritional values ​​of foods.

The products are produced without the addition of sugar, sweetener, frying or preservers, carried through a technique that removes the water from the foods preserving its initial nutritional content. EMAF plant, located in the city of Caucaia in the state of Ceará – Brazil , supplies the national market and employs over sixty direct employees contributing to the economic development of the region of Serra das Ibiapaba and Barutité. Its own products (Crush Fruit line) can be found at supermarkets and natural product stores. Its products in bulk supplies raw materials for several kinds of products, such as: cereal bars, instantaneous pasta, frozen food, etc. However, most of its production is destined to the international market, mainly to Germany , Japan , France , and The United States.


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Freeze drying is a dehydration technology, without added sugar, sweeteners, preservatives or fried, used in the manufacture of food for astronauts.