EMAF is a leading dehydration company from Brazil. Our success comes from the cutting edge process used for dehydrating our products, called High Vacuum Dehydration (Lyophilization), the same process space agencies use to produce meals for astronauts during space missions. With our own know-how, EMAF has successfully developed an accessible industrial product line, offering the market an effective solution, capable of dehydrating virtually any kind of food at a low cost and competitive rate. Want to know more about our history and our process? Feel free to read on, or contact us.

Frutas diversas

The best farms harvested fruits that we use to lyophilization, are fresh, juicy and tasty.


Did you know that freeze-drying technique is used in food preparation for astronauts in space missions? The ease of transportation was the key Quesito this choice. Dehydrated foods lose much weight, in addition to better conservation due to the withdrawal of water. Spoil food by bacteria that require moisture to survive. The absence of water results in preventing the onset of undesirable micro-organisms.

Estrutura da EMAF
Processo de Liofilização - Passo 1 - Congelamento do Alimento Seta Roxa

Step 1
Freezing Food

Processo de Liofilização - Passo 2 - Processamento a Vácuo Seta Verde

Step 2
Vacuum Processing

Processo de Liofilização - Passo 3 - Alimento Saudável e Prático

Step 3
Practical, Healthy Meal

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Freeze drying is a modern and sophisticated European technology process that leaves the product with the same flavor of the fruit. The process does not lose the properties of the original product, such as nutritional and vitamin values​​. The advantages are numerous. The first is able to keep a product out of the refrigerator for more than ten years without preservatives, provided it is in airtight container. The second is the concentration of nutrients in a smaller amount of food mass.